Salasartan SA-AN
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SALASARTAN SA-AN is an amphoteric replacement syntan based on aromatic sulphonic acid condensation products.

Appearance : Off White Colour Powder

Active matter : 95%+/-2%

pH of 10% solution : 3.0 – 5.0

Due to its amphoteric pH, it is compatible with chrome, anionic dyes or auxiliaries. It acts as a pre-base filling for loose skins when used in rechroming.

Salasartan SA-AN imparts good fullness with softness and disperses well along with anionic dyes thereby giving clear and bright shades.

Salasartan SA-AN can be used in combination with or prior to synthetic, vegetable and chrome tanning agents.

2.0 % - 3.0 % on shaved weight for garment leathers in rechroming.

3.0 % - 4.0 % on shaved weight for garment leathers during retanning.

6.0 % - 8.0 % on shaved weight for upper leathers during retanning.

One year if stored properly at ambient temperature in supplied packing.

25 Kgs Brown Paper Laminated HDPE Fabric Bag.

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