Salasartan SA-DS
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SALASARTAN SA-DS is a universal dye leveling and dispersing syntan for Leather dyes application.

Appearance : Light brown free flowing

Active matter : 95%+/-2%

pH of 10% solution : 7.5 – 9.5

Salasartan SADS is an auxiliary syntan. Due to high dispersing power, it promotes uniform distribution and penetration of dyestuffs, syntans and anionic fat-liquors.

Salasartan SADS prevent defects accentuate of grain leather. It also improves levelness of shade in lower grade leather. It imparts good level dyeing, specially recommended for nubucks or suedes leather to get even dyeing.

Salasartan SADS improves dispersion of vegetable and resin tanning in less duration. Salasartan SA-DS also helps for better distribution of Protein filler in low density fibre area when used along with protein filler.

0.50 % - 2.00 % to be added 10 minutes prior to dye addition as Dye-Leveling agent.

1.00 % - 2.00 % to be added with vegetable tannage or during retannage.

0.50 % - 1.00 % to be added during the last 10 minutes in fat-liquoring operation before acidification for better exhaustion of fat-liquors,

One year if stored properly at ambient temperature in supplied packing.

25 Kgs Brown Paper Laminated HDPE Fabric Bag.

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