Salasartan SA-FB6
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SALASARTAN SA-FB6 is a melamine-based resin syntan suitable for retanning light pale coloured leather.

Appearance : Off white powder

Active matter : 95%+/-2%

pH of 10% solution : 6.0 – 8.0

Salasartan SA-FB6 is a “free from free formaldehyde syntan” which gives tight but fine grain with soft handle.

Salasartan SA-FB6 is excellent filling in belly and shanks. It improves buffing properties and hence very mush suitable for Nubuck / Suedes.

Salasartan MV-GAM is suitable for Shoe, leather goods and also other softer articles in which filling is also required.

Salasartan SA-FB6 is lightfast syntan and can be used in pastel shades.

2.00 % - 4.00 % on shaved weight for softy & garment leathers.

4.00 % - 5.00 % on shaved weight for upper leathers.

One year if stored properly at ambient temperature in supplied packing.

25 Kgs Brown Paper Laminated HDPE Fabric Bag.

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